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Ariana & Dodger's

F1 Red/Ruby Cavapoos
Estimating adult size at 12-16 lbs
These pups should have wavy hair with little shedding
Reduced to $2500 pet/companion priced

Ariana & Dodger welcomed their 6 puppies!

5 girls, 1 boy

We have 1 girl & available

Born September 14

Ready to go NOW!

Cheer - 20 wks (1).jpg

"Cheer" - Girl


Cheer loves to play, snuggle, and has a happy tail that's always wagging. She has a moderate temperament.

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Ariana Collage 2021.jpg

Ariana is a very loving Ruby King Charles Cavalier. She loves attention, running, playing fetch, and is a very gentle and protective mother.

Dodger collage.jpg

Dodger is a laid-back and mischievous dark red miniature poodle boy. He loves to climb up on things, explore, and kennel up at night. He loves his alone time, but he also likes to prance around and be social with the others.

This is Ariana & Dodger's SECOND litter together.


We expect them to have similar colors and markings to Ariana & Dodger's Previous Litter as well as Ariana's previous litters with Murphy & Ziggy. Some will be solid red/ruby, while others might have a little bit of white on their chest.

We expect their personalities to be fun, goofy, snuggly, and curious similar to Ariana's previous litters.

Families who have gotten Ariana's cavapoos have reported that they're easy to potty-train, playful, and super cuddly.

These puppies coats can vary, amount of shedding cannot be guaranteed. Curlier coats tend to shed less!

Poodle: 50%

King Charles Cavalier: 50%

Requesting Pictures & Testimonials

If you have a Red Carpet Doodles Puppy, we would LOVE for you to email us your testimonials & pictures to be featured on our updated Gallery Page as well as on sections of the parents' page

Meet the Parents & Previous Litters

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