Cagney + Frankie J

F1 Red/Ruby & Red Blenheim Cavapoos

Estimating adult size at 15 lbs

These pups should have wavy hair with little shedding


Reduced to only $1000 pet/companion

Breeding rights can be made available for additional fees &

on a case-by-case basis

Cagney & Frankie J welcomed 3 puppies
1 girl, 2 boys

Born May 24th

"Marshall" has got the sweetest temperament! He's laid back and very eager to please!

Marshall - 20 wks (1).jpg

Marshall - Boy


Cagney's - 2 wks (1)_edited.jpg
Cagney Collage 2021.jpg

Cagney is a sweet, submissive, laid-back mini poodle girl. She loves to take naps, and is a very caring mother to her pups.

Frankie J collage 2022.jpg

Frankie J is an outgoing Ruby King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He loves to run and play whether its indoors or outdoors. Frankie J loves people, and is very friendly to everyone that he meets. He gets along well with others, and is eager to please.

This Spring 2022 litter will be Cagney & Frankie J's SECOND Litter together!

We expect them to be similar to their previous litter, with some similarities to Lacey & Frankie J's litter. Some will be red/ruby with white on their chest, while others will be red/ruby parti/blenheim like Cagney.

We expect their personalities to be similar to their parents. They should be rather active and goofy like their dad, but also laid back and snuggly like their momma.

These puppies coats can vary, amount of shedding cannot be guaranteed. Curlier coats tend to shed less!

Poodle: 50%

King Charles Cavalier: 50%

Meet the Parents & Previous Litters