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Quality comes at a price as our dogs have undergone genetic testing and we are 100% committed to raising healthy, well-cared for puppies. "Cheaper" puppies can possibly lead to even higher veterinarian costs to you and can cause a lot of heartache and devastation. Why take that chance? You will have this new family member for the next 10-14+ years, be confident with your selection here with Red Carpet Doodles!

All of these prices are for NO breeding rights and are to be used as guidelines. We reserve the right to adjust the prices up or down, depending on each individual puppy. 6% sales tax added to sales within the state of Idaho as per Idaho State law.

F1 "1st Generation" (Poodle bred to a Retriever - 50% Poodle, 50% Retriever)
Medium/Midi (35-60 lbs) $2850 & up
Mini/Petite (15-35 lbs) $2850 & up

F1B "2nd Generation" (F1 bred to an AKC Poodle - 75% Poodle, 25% Retriever)

F1BB "3nd Generation" (F1b bred to an AKC Poodle - 87% Poodle, 13% Retriever)
Medium/Midi (35-60 lbs) $2850 & up
Mini/Petite (15-35 lbs) $2850 & up

Multi-Gen & "3rd Generation" (F1B bred to an F1B or multi-gen - 75% Poodle,25% Retriever)
Medium/Midi (35-60 lbs) $2350 & up
Mini/Petite (15-35 lbs) $2350 & up


Mini Golden Mountain Doodles

Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog+Poodle)+Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever+Poodle)+bred to a Poodle)

$2850 & up

25-35 lbs


$2850 & up

Delivery & Shipping

Red Carpet Doodles always encourages you to come pick up your puppy in person, or you're always welcome to schedule your own puppy nanny or transportation service! We are located 10 minutes North of Idaho Falls & we'd love to meet you in person! Or, we are happy to meet at our local airport in Idaho Falls, Idaho Regional Airport (IDA) which is only 10 minutes away from our home. IDA hosts United, Delta, American, Alaska and Allegiant Airlines. 

We will We'll always suggest the safest, most cost-effective travel for your puppy!  Click HERE for Airline Pet Policies


We have been mostly utilizing puppy nanny delivery service at this time. Puppy nannies will hand-carry your puppy in the cabin of the airplane on a “stand-by” basis from our airport to your closest international airport. Because of that, they will look for a flight that has the best chance of them being able to board so that their flight plan is usually accurate. Occasionally, due to last minute bookings, they won’t make it on the planned flight and then have to wait for the next available flight.  When that happens, they are excellent to keep in contact with you on what's going on so that you know what to expect.  Currently, that fee starts at $600 & up, depending on your location and ease of accessibility for the nanny to fly in and out of your airport, which includes: 

  • Puppy nanny charge

  • Airline charge for pet in-cabin

  • Final thorough vet exam & health certificate for your new puppy

​We do have ground transportation available as well. That cost is approximately $200-$800+ depending on your location and includes: 

  • Ground transporter fee

  • Final thorough vet exam & health certificate for your new puppy 

Due to the pandemic, United is still not flying puppies through their Pet Safe Program (cargo). If and when they do finally lift their restrictions, we will once again be able to safely resume shipping year-round via their Pet Safe Program! Puppies must be at least 16 weeks of age before traveling via United; therefore, there we do charge a flat fee of $600 to meet their requirements which includes:

  • 6 weeks boarding

  • the required rabies vaccination

  • the USDA veterinary health certificate

  • a final thorough veterinary exam on your new puppy.

United Airline's cost to transport was approximately $450 & up (depending on the size of your new puppy) which included the following: 

  • airline charge

  • airline-approved crate

  • USDA veterinary health certificate & acclimation statement, which also includes a thorough vet exam on your new puppy

When United Airlines lifts their Pet Safe Program (cargo) restrictions, we will able to resume safely shipping worldwide. We don't know what they will be charging. Prices will vary considerably, depending on your location and your country's import requirements. 

We will not let a puppy leave our care until we feel the puppy is ready to travel, no exceptions.
​This may come at a great inconvenience to you, but the health of our puppies is paramount!
​Please consider this when making your travel arrangements!

Payment Options

Red Carpet Doodles offers several methods of payments, designed to meet your financial convenience.  To reserve your new puppy, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE holding fee of $500 be placed towards the purchase price of your chosen puppy. While this fee is non-refundable, it is transferable to another puppy of your choice.

NOTE: Final payments are due 1 week after you've placed your non-refundable fee OR when your puppy turns 7 weeks old (whichever occurs later) unless you're picking up your puppy from us directly. 

  • Zelle – Name: Reino Macki     Email:

  • CASH mobile app ($IDAJewels). This is quite simple and this app is very much like Venmo and all you need is a debit card!  Click HERE to try it using our code and we’ll each get a bonus!

  • All credit card payments are processed via our Venmo business account. PLEASE NOTE: An additional 2% processing fee applies to all Venmo payments. if you'd like to pay using this method, please let us know by providing us with your Venmo user ID and we will send you a payment request for the appropriate amount. 

  • If you have a Wells Fargo bank branch in your area, we can share our account information with you so that you can place your confirmed payment directly into our account.  Confirmed means it must be a cashier’s check or money order.  The banks will no longer accept cash deposits.

  • Bank wire transfer directly from your bank account to ours (there is an additional $15 fee to cover our bank's incoming wire transfer fee).

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