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Goldendoodle Puppies & Teacup Goldendoodle

Have your children been begging you to get a dog? Do you think they’re finally old enough to take on this responsibility? If these questions describe the current dynamic of your household, then a trip to Red Carpet Doodles is in order. We are one of the highest rated dog breeders in the Rigby, ID area. We’re known for breeding the best, most loving Goldendoodle puppies you’ll ever meet. Let us teach you why these dogs are a good choice for your home.

When you have children, you want a dog you can trust. At Red Carpet Doodles, we believe that a teacup Goldendoodle may be the perfect option. This breed is very tiny, which makes it easy for younger children to care for. They’re also very cuddly. Even though teacups are small, they’re also very smart. You’ll be impressed by how quickly your cute dog learns a few new tricks.

Breeding healthy Goldendoodle puppies are very important to us here at Red Carpet Doodles. That’s why we take all the necessary steps to ensure every litter meets our quality standards. We provide our customers with two-year genetic health guaranteed. You won’t get that anywhere else. We also take the time to socialize every puppy, so integrating your new dog into your home will be an easy task. We make buying a dog fun!

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a cute, tiny teacup Goldendoodle, then it’s time to see our adorable dogs for sale at Red Carpet Doodles. We’re situated in Rigby, ID, and our dogs are always the best you can buy. Don’t forget to check out for the latest updates on the puppies we have available for purchase. We’re serious about breeding only the best dogs possible. You’re sure to find your next furry friend in our batch. Contact us if you would like to meet our puppies in person.

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