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Goldendoodles for Sale & Goldendoodle Pups

Have you heard great things about Goldendoodle pups? Would you like to add one of the great dogs to your family? If you said yes, then be sure to keep reading. Here at Red Carpet Doodles, we’ve built a solid reputation for being an outstanding dog breeder in Rigby, ID. We raise some of the cutest and smartest Goldendoodles you’ve ever met. Whether you’ve owned dogs in the past or want to buy your first one, we’d love to help you make this special decision.

When you come to Red Carpet Doodles, you’ll get to meet all our amazing Goldendoodles for sale. We are top breeders in the area, so you can trust any pet we sell you will be of the highest quality. Our bloodlines are solid, and the genetic health of your puppy is guaranteed. When you make a purchase here, we’ll have your dog dewormed, vaccinated and neutered. We make it easy to bring home the perfect pet.

No matter your animal experience, we know that Goldendoodle pups are the right choice for you. At Red Carpet Doodles, we make sure our dogs have been properly socialized, which makes it easier to introduce the animal to others. We love helping our puppies find a great home. When you buy from us, you know your new dog will be the perfect addition to your house.

If you’ve been looking for pedigree Goldendoodles for sale, then we would love to welcome you to Red Carpet Doodles. We are the number one Goldendoodle breeder in Rigby, ID. Our dogs are all happy, healthy, and ready for a new home.


We’re committed to ethical breeding, and we know our dogs are the best you’ll ever find. You’re sure to fall in love with your new family member right away. Call us today if you’re ready to see our perfect puppies.

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