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We proudly offer a 1-year health guarantee on all of our puppies!



Here at Red Carpet Doodles we feel very strongly about keeping your puppy as healthy as possible and we feel that by providing Life's Abundance, a premium, holistically-formulated dog food, it will ensure your dog’s nutritional health and long-life! So many dogs and cats are acquiring serious life-threatening health risks through poor diet and vitamin deficiency. Life's Abundance provides the optimum nutritional benefits ensuring good health and longevity for your Red Carpet Doodles puppy!

We are often asked, “What should I feed my puppy? What do you recommend?” We have always researched the dog food and looked at the first few ingredients and the guaranteed analysis. When we first started out, we began feeding Eukanuba and then throughout the years we have also used Kirkland's Nutra Nuggets, Pure Balance, Royal Canin, Nutrisource, Wellness, Fromm, Taste of The Wild, Merrick and most recently, TLC.  

Do you remember the big dog food recalls in 2007?  That's when we initially became concerned about keeping up with the news.  While researching, we were disgusted with the fact that too often the commercial brands were outsourcing and cheapening their ingredients (especially the types of protein) to increase the bottom line. We have to worry about fillers, GMO’s, and animal by-products. And then of course there are new recalls and reports of contamination on an almost daily basis now!  But then in March of 2012, we were introduced to  Life's Abundance, a premium holistically-formulated dog food for ALL life stages. 

We were so impressed by the quality and high standards of this dog food and the amazing testimonials from the customers and field representatives of this company that we decided to make the switch to Life's Abundance. It is one of our goals at Red Carpet Doodles to not only improve the quality of our dogs, but to also offer our customers beautiful, healthy, and sweet-tempered puppies that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Life's Abundance contains NO by-products, NO corn, wheat, NO soy, NO artificial colors/flavors, NO artificial preservatives. Feeding this healthy food will help give your pet a long and healthy life! And if that isn't enough, it costs LESS per serving than other premium dog foods & will be shipped right to your door! We love it and more importantly, our DOGS all love it!  

Life's Abundance also contains important GUARANTEED LIVE probiotics and prebiotics that aid in your dog’s overall gut health and digestion. These key ingredients, including several other needed vitamins, also support your dog’s overall immune system. We’ve been privileged to personally speak with the company President and CEO, and most importantly, its formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, and continue to have direct access to her to ask questions.  

Who is Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM? She has been a holistic vet for over 20 years. She has served as President of the American Veterinarian Association of New York City, earned three Presidential Citations, appointed by Mayor Rudolph Guliano to help establish one of the largest animal shelters in the world, the author of three books on responsible care and treatment of pets, and has appeared on 48 Hours, Good Morning America, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and more. She has also created a non-profit foundation where a percent of her product line is contributed toward rescue and care for pets. 

There has NEVER been a recall of this holistically-formulated food and it is produced in limited runs on a weekly basis, minimizing periods of storage and helping to deliver the freshest-possible product.  While leading brands stockpile tons of food for months on end,  Life's Abundance is made weekly in small batches. Fresher food is more nutrient-rich! You can be assured that your new Red Carpet Doodles puppy will benefit from their triple-safety protocol controls and product safety considerations that are second-to-none. ​This is why  Life's Abundance cannot be found at your local store! 

While this dog food may “seem” more expensive up front, the cost is about $1.88 a day for a 70 pound adult dog. Americans spend more than that on their Starbuck's coffee every morning!!! You feed LESS dog food, but they receive MORE nutrition! They are able to digest and utilize the dog food more...due to their special slow cooking process.
Plus you are ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet when you feed them quality nutrition!
​Isn't your precious Red Carpet Doodles puppy worth it?

Watch these videos below to learn more!  

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