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Lainey & Frankie J

Mini Golden Cavadoodles

Estimating adult size at about 20-25 lbs

These pups should have wavy hair with light shedding

$1950 pet/companion priced

Breeding rights can be made available for additional fees &

on a case-by-case basis

Lainey & Frankie J welcomed 5 puppies

3 available girls
1 available boy

Born March 20th

Ready to go NOW!

Lainey's SP23 Litter.jpg
Dakota - 10 wks.jpg

Dakota - Girl


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Camaro - 10 wks.jpg

Camaro - Boy


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Cayenne - 10 wks.jpg

Cayenne - Girl


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Bentley - 10 wks.jpg

Bentley - Girl


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Meet the Parents & Previous Litters

Lainey collage 2023.jpg

Lainey is a friendly Red Goldendoodle. She loves to run and play outside and gets along well with others. She is a very attentive mother, and is eager to please.

Frankie J collage 2023.jpg

Frankie J is an outgoing Ruby King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He loves to run and play whether its indoors or outdoors. Frankie J loves people, and is very friendly to everyone that he meets. He gets along well with others, and is eager to please.

This is Lainey & Frankie J's FIRST litter together!


Lainey's previous puppies have been fun, energetic, and loving puppies similar to Lainey's personality. 

We expect these puppies to be very similar to Sansa & Carson's Winter 2023 litter, but with straighter coats.

Markings should also match, as these puppies will either be solid or be red with white markings on them.


Previous pups from Lainey's litters love to go on hikes and stay very active. While they can be lovey-dovey, they love to go outside and play!

These puppies are mostly a mix between the King Charles Cavalier and Poodle breeds, but with a splash of the fun Golden Retriever breed. 

Golden Retriever: 6.25%

King Charles Cavalier: 50%

Poodle: 43.75%

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