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Maizey + Rover

Mini Golden Mountain Doodles

(75% poodle, 12.5% golden retriever, and 12.5% Bernese Mountain Dog)

Estimating adult size at about 15-20 lbs

Very low to no shed, nice wavy hair


 $2500 pet/companion priced

Breeding rights can be made available for additional fees &

on a case-by-case basis

Maizey has been bred to Rover!
Expected Litter Arrival: February 2023.

We are now accepting deposits for this litter.

Meet the Parents

Maizey collage 2022.jpg
Rover collage 2022.jpg

Maizey is a red golden mountain doodle, decendent of Boo & Lincoln, popular parents from our Red Carpet Doodles program! Maizey is 75% poodle, 12.5% golden retreiver, and 12.5% bernese mountain dog. She is fun-loving, super sweet, and loves to run, jump, swim, and most importantly, snuggle! She is very intelligent, friendly, and gets along well with everyone.

Rover is a sweet, moderately laid-back solid red mini poodle boy. He is cuddly, loyal, friendly, and loves to follow and be close to his people.

Maizey, a daughter to our popular pairing Boo & Lincoln will be getting her first start in our breeding program!


These puppies will have Red with white markings like their mom, or will be solid like their dad Rover. We expect these puppies to have fun, cuddly, energetic personalities similar to Maizey, and similar to Boo's previous litters. Previous puppy owners have taken these dogs hiking, swimming, boating, and have had loads of fun. They make a great road-tripping buddy. These pups make great companions, and live active lifestyles!

This litter will be a cross between a golden retriever, bernese mountain dog, and a poodle. Poodle: 87%
Golden Retreiver: 6.25%

Bernese Mountain Dog: 6.25%

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