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Our Team

We are located near Idaho Falls, Idaho. We love dogs, and we even run two different fronts to help all of our customers find exactly what they're looking for. We are the proud owners of both Idaho Jewels Poodles as well as Red Carpet Doodles! We have many years of experience in breeding poodles, and make it our goal to carefully breed for health, temperament and color. Having our dogs in our homes ensures the physical health and emotional well-being which is absolutely vital from birth through the adoptive age of the "babies", just as it is for a human infant. These puppies are our babies and friends!  We spoil them with much love and attention, as we are true animal lovers.  The puppies live comfortably in our homes & each puppy receives the individual attention and socializing required to start them off as stable and confident pups. Breeding healthy, happy puppies is not easy--just ask any reputable breeder!

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