Penny & Chico

Petite F1bb Goldendoodles

Estimating adult sizes at about 15-20 lbs

These pups will have curly hair with no shedding


$3350 pet/companion priced

Breeding rights can be made available for additional fees &

on a case-by-case basis

Born April 27, 2021

Ready to go NOW

1. Randon - Girl (Treasure)

2. Mike - Girl (Bling)

3. Shawn - Boy (Peso)

4. Justin - Boy (Cash)

What do you get when you adopt a pup from Red Carpet Doodles?

  • Dewclaws removed

  • High Quality, Socialized Puppy

  • Certificate of Health by Breeder & Vet

  • Age-Appropriate Vaccinations & Vaccination Record

  • Preventative Treatments on Dewormings

  • 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

  • Spay/Neuter Contract

  • Microchip

  • CKC or AKC Registration Papers, only if Purchased

  • Pedigree, only if Registration Papers are Purchased

Picture Schedule:

  • 2 weeks

  • 4 weeks

  • 6 weeks

  • 8 weeks (if still in our care)

Bling (1).jpg

"Bling" (Girl)

Cash (1).jpg

"Cash" (Boy)


"Treasure" (Girl)

Peso (1).jpg

"Peso" (Boy)


Personality Assessments

Penny's litter is full of friendly and curious puppies.

Bling is very cuddly, more to-herself than others, gets very playful with her siblings and with her toys

Treasure is playful as well, but she's more to-herself than the others, and also very cuddly

Peso is the most cuddly out of the group. Loves to just sit in your lap, and get attention.
Cash is full of fun energy, playful, loves to be close to people and his siblings, licks everything

Meet the Parents & Previous Litters


We haven't decided on a Poodle Sire to use for this upcoming litter yet.

Potential Sires are listed on Idaho Jewels Poodles' Sires Page. 

Penny is a loyal red F1B Petite Goldendoodle. She is super friendly, and loves to travel and run around outside. She loves attention, and especially loves to play.

Penny Tigger F20 Maple now owned by Kris
Penny Tigger F20 Koda (2).jpg
Penny Tigger F20 Maple now owned by Kris
Penny Tigger F20 - 6 wks.jpg

Planned Litter

Penny is due to come into heat any day now.

Confirming Pregnancy in October

Expected Litter Arrival: November

Expected adult size: 15-20 lbs

We can expect these puppies to look similar to Penny & Chico's previous litter as well as Penny & Tigger's previous litter. They should have sweet, energetic personalities as well.

Waiting list picks will be made in November, a deadline will be later announced


"... a bundle of energy and cuteness"

"... a sweet little firecracker"

"The PERFECT addition to our family"

Requesting Pictures & Testimonials

If you have a Red Carpet Doodles Puppy, we would LOVE for you to email us your testimonials & pictures to be featured on our updated Gallery Page as well as on sections of the parents' page