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Quinn + Rover

F1B Red/Ruby Abstract Cavapoos

Estimating adult size at 10-15 lbs

These pups should have wavy hair with little to no shedding


$2850 pet/companion priced

Breeding rights can be made available for additional fees &

on a case-by-case basis

We are expecting Quinn's next litter in January 2023.

Opening waiting list in December 2022.

Quinn collage 2022.jpg

Quinn is a playful, sweet, and happy Red/Ruby Parti/Blenheim F1 cavapoo girl. She’s got a moderate temperament , so she isn’t too hyper or too laid-back. She loves to run outside, play fetch, cuddle, and is super smart. She is fully potty-trained, crate-trained, and is easy to teach tricks to! She is so clever! She gets along with dogs of any size, and her fur is always so velvety soft.

Rover collage 2022.jpg

Rover is a sweet, moderately laid-back solid red mini poodle boy. He is cuddly, loyal, friendly, and loves to follow and be close to his people.

This will be Quinn's second litter! We expect them to be similar Quinn & Dodger's previous litter. These puppies are red/ruby with some white on their chest.


Follow Quinn on Instagram @redcarpetquinn

We expect their personalities to be similar to Quinn. They should be fun, goofy, snuggly, curious, and have moderate temperaments.

These puppies coats should have little to no shedding, however amount of shedding cannot be guaranteed. Curlier coats tend to shed less!

Poodle: 75%

King Charles Cavalier: 25%

Meet the Parents