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Upcoming Litters
& WaitING Lists

With your non-refundable wait list management fee of $200, you will be placed IN ORDER of the time we receive your list fee for the puppy of your specifications. When we get a puppy that we believe matches what you're looking for, you will be notified according to your position on the wait list. If you are happy with the puppy choice, then you will be required to place an additional non-refundable fee of $300 to have the puppy held for you. If a suitable choice is presented to you and you choose not to follow through with adopting a puppy, your list fee will be forfeit and you will be removed from the wait list. All management wait list fees will be applied towards the final adoption price of your puppy from Red Carpet Doodles.

* - Multiple Positions on Waiting Lists

Please note that we do NOT open waiting lists until we have confirmed pregnancies!
We cannot guarantee that our mommas will get and stay pregnant when we breed them,
so we refrain from letting customers stay on for "the next litter," unless we are sure that
we will repeat the breeding.


Lainey (3).jpg
Apply Now for a Puppy

Goldendoodle Female

Available for co-ownership in the Eastern Idaho area.

DOB: 2/6/19

Lainey is a friendly Red F1bb Goldendoodle. She loves to run and play outside and gets along well with others. She is a very attentive mother, and is eager to please.

$250, Start-Up Fee

Quinn collage 2022.jpg
Rover collage 2022.jpg

F1B Mini Cavapoos

Planned Litter

Quinn is due to come into heat now!

Confirming Pregnancy  in July

Expected Litter Arrival: August

These puppies coats should have little to no shedding, however amount of shedding cannot be guaranteed. Curlier coats tend to shed less!

Poodle: 75%

King Charles Cavalier: 25%

Expected adult size 10-12 lbs



This will be Quinn's second litter! We expect them to be similar to Quinn & Dodger's previous litter. All of these puppies will be red/ruby with white on their chest. Follow Quinn on Instagram @redcarpetquinn

We expect their personalities to be similar to Quinn. They should be fun, goofy, snuggly, curious, and have moderate temperaments.

Waiting list picks will be made before the puppies have had their first vet checks at 6 weeks, a deadline will be later announced.

Quinn & Rover's  Summer 2023 Waiting List

We will open this waiting list upon Quinn's confirmed Pregnancy

Lainey collage 2023.jpg
Dragon collage 2023.jpg

Mini goldenDoodles

Planned Litter

Lainey is due to come into heat in July

Expected Litter Arrival: September

These puppies coats can vary, amount of shedding cannot be guaranteed. Curlier coats tend to shed less!

Poodle: 93.75%

Golden Retreiver: 6.25%


This litter will be Lainey & Dragon's SECOND litter together! These puppies should be similar to Lainey's previous litters. Some will be solid red, while others will be red with some white markings on their chest.

We are expecting personalities similar to Lainey & Dragon's. These puppies should be moderately laid-back, sweet, easy-going, friendly, and love to run and play.

Lainey & Dragon's Fall 2023 Waiting List

We will re-open this waiting list upon Lainey's confirmed pregnancy

Dragon collage 2022 v2.jpg

Golden Mountain Doodles