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Wyoming Goldendoodles & Montana Goldendoodles

Are you trying to pick out a breed of dog for your home? Are you interested in learning more about Montana Goldendoodles? If this sounds like you, then we may be able to answer all your questions. At Red Carpet Doodles, we know a thing or two about raising dogs. In fact, we’re one of the most popular Goldendoodle breeders in Rigby, ID. We’ve been raising dogs for as long as we can remember, and we know what it takes to help you leave with the right type of dog for you.

Here at Red Carpet Doodles, we love Wyoming Goldendoodles. This breed is not only cute and fluffy, but it’s also very smart. They are the ideal choice for most families. These dogs are very loving, and when you buy one from us, you also know it will be very healthy. That’s because we take care of our breeding practices here. We keep our bloodlines pure. Our dogs are genetically perfect. You won’t find a better breeder in the region.

When you come to Red Carpet Doodles, you’ll quickly see why our breeding services are so popular. All our Montana Goldendoodles are highly intelligent. They’re also beautiful. We are careful to make sure all our puppies get enough socialization, which helps them to become better house pets. Every dog is also healthy and has been examined by a veterinarian. Buying a dog from us is a smart choice. We only sell the very best breeds.

We are dedicated to breeding loving Wyoming Goldendoodles here at Red Carpet Doodles. We’re located in the heart of Rigby, ID, and breeding pedigree animals are what we’re known for. Every dog we sell is sure to be like no other. All dogs are unique, and you can learn a little about the personalities of our available puppies by going online to We specialize in matching our dogs to the right owners. You won’t be disappointed! Get in touch to find out how you can purchase a great puppy from us.

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